Anyone who wants to transform their body can enter.

You can enter whatever your age (over 16), gender, goal or starting point.

Challenges are split by gender and by challenge duration (30 or 90 days).

If you’re ready to transform your body, you’re more than welcome.

For the purposes of the challenge; dramatically changing your body’s visual appearance (for the better) is a transformation.

Some will want to lose weight and be fitter, others may want to build muscle mass, others get very lean.

It’s the degree of visual transformation which matters – not the type of transformation.

No. This is a body transformation challenge.

Challengers will all have different transformation goals and the Body Challengers platform is about supporting members to achieve their goals.

Every challenger can achieve their transformation goal and this the real aim of Body Challengers. There are no losers.

There are only 15 challengers in each group, so your chances of winning a cash prize are also good. There are prizes for the top three places and there is a mid-challenge progress prize.

All challengers have an equal chance of winning a cash prize.

The First Place challenger will win £400

The Second Place challenger will win £250

The Third Place challenger will win £100

The mid-challenge progress prize is £50


So, potentially there is £450 to be won by any individual challenger.

Challengers do not have to display their real names and only display name is seen by the other challengers.

We appreciate that some are sensitive about their body image and only those in your challenge group will see your body in order to support you on your transformation.

If you do not want your face to be seen, you can adjust your videos and photo angles to only show your body.

No images will be shared on the site without your permission and your face can be blurred out to protect your identity is you would prefer.

No. There are lots of free 30 and 90 day exercise and diet plans in the members area and challengers are welcome to use these for guidance.

The members area is a great place to find and share information with the Body Challengers community.

Yes. The Body Challengers forum contains lots of free online advice, plans, tips and resources to guide and help you realise your transformation goals. This is not personalised or individual to your requirements.

The Body Challengers Platform is designed to help you stick to your chosen plan, support and boost your chances of seeing it through till the end.

Challengers will upload videos of their progress – which are very difficult to manipulate in the way pictures can be. These videos will need to display a unique code which is only generate when the contest starts.

If there is any suspected abuse, additional checks will be carried out.

No. Body Challengers is open to all and you don’t need to be on any particular fitness plan, diet, supplements.

The only information which will be visible on the platform is your chosen username and your short bio. These can be edited in your profile area if you’re unhappy with them.

Challengers will view each of the other 14 challengers progress videos in the Private Contest Gallery. They will award every challenger a score out of 10 for their visual degree of transformation and progress. 

These results will be polled and finalised by the Challenge Motivator and prizes distributed accordingly.

It is possible that prizes can be split if scores are level.

Any abuse of the scoring system can lead to disqualification.

Yes. You can start our own challenge and invite others using a link. If you don’t have a full 15 members then that’s OK too. Once those who are invited have joined, let the Challenge Motivator know and the challenge will be opened to others, who can fill any remaining places.

Yes. The challenge fees are fixed in order to make prizes attractive and keep challengers motivated to make the most of their fee. Lowering the stakes will reduce challengers determination to get the most out of the challenge.

If challengers want to raise the stakes, there’s nothing preventing them from entering multiple challenges.

Once you’ve joined a challenge and paid your membership the funds go into the prize pot and cannot be withdrawn as it would be unfair to the others in the group. We encourage you to continue your transformation. You only lose if you quit.

The real goal of Body Challengers is to transform your body.

To be in a position where you feel your transformation is successful enough to deserve one of the top spots means you’ve already achieved your goal.

The Challenge Motivators decision is final.

Body Challengers will never share, store or distribute your images without your permission. Only those in your challenge will see your images.

Once the challenge is complete, all challenge data is deleted. Body Challengers will always request permission to use images for testimonials or examples.

Please see our GDPR and Privacy Policy for more details.

The platform is designed to encourage interaction with your fellow body challengers and develop a community feel. In the Private Challenge area you can discuss your transformation anxieties and get support from others, as well as offering support to those in the group who need it. Additionally, your Challenge Motivator will regularly reach out to you individually and to the group to make sure the group is functioning well and in the spirit of the challenge.

You will submit a weekly questionnaire to self-assess your progress and motivate yourself to improve week on week.

There are also resources available to help you with diet plans, exercise plans, guidance and lots more..

Once the places are awarded, prize money will be distributed directly to your bank account within 48 hours.