About Us

Body Challengers was conceived when a group of friends met up and discovered that all had a common aspiration – they wanted to improve their health, fitness, appearance and general well-being.

They had all separately attempted in the past to ‘transform’ their bodies with diets and workout plans, but like most others, they had all failed to see these transformations through. All had different fitness levels and all had different goals.

They agreed to have a friendly competition where each staked £100 and they would award the person who had made the best transformation the whole pot at the end of 12 weeks.

They started a chat group and regularly uploaded photos of progress and exchanged messages throughout the day to motivate and support each other.

None expected how much difference the group would make to their determination to transform. They competed, motivated and supported each other throughout and the results were incredible.

They all made the biggest transformations they’d ever experienced and were all in the best shape they had ever been in!

One lucky member of the group walked away with a lot of money, but the rest didn’t mind as they all looked and felt like winners.