Body Transformations

A body transformation is drastically changing your body’s appearance and composition over a fixed period of time. Transformations can improve your confidence, energy, health, fitness and general well-being, but going to the gym regularly or even having a Personal Trainer alone will not necessarily transform your body.

Whilst body transformation concepts are simple, they take discipline, hard work and motivation to follow and without any support, nearly all will fail.

Body Challengers Concepts

Body Challengers believes that competition and community support are key building blocks of motivating a successful body transformation.

The Body Challengers platform groups 15, like-minded individuals who want to transform their body’s into a private challenge community. These challengers will compete, inspire and encourage each other to make the biggest body transformation they can over their chosen challenge duration.

With the support of an independent Challenge Motivator, this small challenge group will chat, bond, share their trials and triumphs and empower each other to complete their transformation journeys.

There are cash prizes and other incentives to help keep challengers motivated throughout the challenge.

Body Challengers does offer training and nutrition plans as well as other transformation resources, but challengers are free to follow any plan they like. The aim is to stick to your plan for the duration of the challenge!

If you want to transform your body in 30 or 90 days, then read on!



The goal of the challenge is simple – to make the biggest visual body transformation you can!

All challengers will have different starting points and objectives. Whether your aim is building strength, losing weight, training for an event, toning up – Body Challengers can help make it real!

Body Challengers aim is that every challenger will complete the full challenge and transform their body.



Sign up for free to see the open challenges which are available for you.


The only information required is a username, email address and your gender.

Pay the challenge fee (£100) to register for an open challenge or start your own.

Create your profile and provide some basic details about what you want to achieve and what your challenges are likely to be. This will help us understand your needs a little better and support you on your journey.

You can share the link to a challenge with your friends and invite them to join too!

Log in and check out the Private Challenge Area, where you can get to know your challenge community made up of your fellow challengers and the Challenge Motivator.

In the General members area you can access the transformation resources and a wider forum for challengers from all groups.

Once there are 15 challengers in your group its ready to start!

You will upload ‘before’ and ‘After’ videos and photos to the private challenge area, as well as regular progress updates.

The challenge group will rate each others transformations and a mid-challenge prize of £50 is awarded to the contestant making the best transformation progress. At the end of the challenge prizes of £500, £250 and £100 are awarded to the top 3 contestants.



  • The challenges are split by gender and last 30 or 90 days

  • The fee to join a challenge is £100

  • You can join an open challenge or you can start your own contest and invite others



Ready to Transform?